Seven Vastu tips for accurate placement of gemstone statues for prosperity

There are numerous astrological effects of using gemstone. If you are looking for prosperity, then there cannot be any better alternatives to gemstone statues. The precious stones taken from natural soil can have remarkable effects on your personal and professional life.

This article will guide you for the accurate placement of gemstone statues that will bring prosperity in your life.

Let’s discover the magic key to happiness and prosperity. Take a sneak-peek into the list:

Emerald green elephant: The emerald green elephant can bring prosperity and good luck. Consider buying a pair of gemstone emerald green elephant statues and place them on the entrance of your house to see prosperity knocking your doorstep. The auspicious emerald green elephant statue symbolizes prosperity and communicates positive energy to the house.

Jade horse: Jade horses gemstone statue not only enhance the look of your interiors but also it can help you to get the desired fame and prosperity if placed in the right direction. These horses should be placed in the south direction of your home at an elevated height to get immediate results.

Gemstone Buddha: Gemstone Buddha idol statue can signify prosperity and tranquillity. If you are planning to place your gemstone Buddha outdoors, then you can place the idol beneath a flowering tree or a water fountain to bring in positive energies. In an office, you can consider placing your gemstone laughing Buddha idol in your office desk to see magical effects in your business and career.

In your home, consider keeping the Buddha figurine in the East direction of your home to keep negative energies at bay. If you have occasional arguments in your home and if your life is in dire straits, then the accurate placement of the gemstone Buddha in your house can work wonders.

Gemstone tortoise statue: According to the ancient sagas, the tortoise can bear the burden of the entire world, and the right placement of a mixed gemstone tortoise statue can protect you from bad fortune and can bring prosperity. Consider placing the gemstone tortoise in the East direction to see the magical effects.

Ruby and Zoisite toad: The beautiful sitting from curated from Ruby and Zoisite can attract wealth and prosperity like a magnet. The frog looks as if it is ready to jump into your home with all the wealth. If you are a business, then you can consider placing the money frog gemstone statue on the corner of wealth, which is the South West. If you want to place the ruby frog in your house, then it must be placed facing inwards, and the ruby must be facing upwards. If you are placing the ruby frog in your garden, then make sure to buy different ruby frog and place them facing each direction. This can bring you money from different directions. 

The above tips can help you to bring financial and emotional prosperity. It will also help you to rectify the vastu doshas and will eradicate negativity from your life.