Mohnot Gems is Manufacturer, Exporter, and Importer of a wide range of artistic Figurines, Gemstone Sculpture, Natural Gemstone Sculpture, and Statues. We are the pioneers in the business. We offer an exclusive range of products

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Exclusive Designs

We source & curate 100% of the products we sell in-house. This allows us to give you exclusive designs at a great value.


We have travelled throughout the world to bring you the most beautiful selections available - and our master curators have been doing that for the past 20 years.

Buyer Guarantee

The TDK buyer guarantee ensures that you have complete peace of mind while making a purchase with us.

Client Dairies

Rakesh Sharma

“Incredible collection of Ganesh! Amazing variations of sizes, styles, and material. Incredible carvings made from beautiful gemstones. I was really impressed by the craftsmanship.”


“The product range offered is so wide. Every kind of marble artifact is available. The staff is also friendly. The place is also very accessible and all things good. Must visit once..”

Mohnot Gems

Gems are a gift of God that has been treated as precious for years and will continue to hold its importance forever. Considering the worth of gems and its eminence, we kick-started our journey as gem manufacturers by manufacturing gemstones idols and statues of God at first. Slowly with the immense popularity that we gained over the years with God’s blessings, we stepped ahead to manufacture various other products. Ranging from statues to figurines, we offer our clients the best gemstone products with a perfect finish and a diverse range to fall for. Not only do we provide various products and designs to cherish, but we also maintain the quality and authenticity of our gemstone statues and other products to stand by our values and virtue.

Since the first day, we have been committed to providing excellent quality and standard products, and we have achieved it owing to all thanks to our expert team, who leave no stones unturned to meet the quality requirement of our products.