Our Story

Gems are a gift of God that has been treated as precious for years and will continue to hold its importance forever. Considering the worth of gems and its eminence, we kick-started our journey as gem manufacturers by manufacturing gemstones idols and statues of God at first. Slowly with the immense popularity that we gained over the years with God’s blessings, we stepped ahead to manufacture various other products. Ranging from statues to figurines, we offer our clients the best gemstone products with a perfect finish and a diverse range to fall for. Not only do we provide various products and designs to cherish, but we also maintain the quality and authenticity of our gemstone statues and other products to stand by our values and virtue.

Since the first day, we have been committed to providing excellent quality and standard products, and we have achieved it owing all thanks to our expert team, who leave no stones unturned to meet the quality requirement of our products.

Founder's message

Gemstones are a gift of nature, and the founder Mr.Naresh Dinesh Rakesh Mohnot believes that the artisans of his establishment excel in sculpting gems into fine and detailed figurines. Every  figurine that you buy from Mohnot is one-of-a-kind crafted by our artisans that has the powers of standing out of the crowd. Our exquisite Gemstone God statues explicit timeless style that stands rewarding for people who wish to decorate their houses with figurines narrating their own tales.

We aim at delivering unique quality products at reasonable price with exceptional details to beautify your living space. We foster the amalgamation of skills and values together to take this intrinsic traditional art industry a step ahead. With the beauty and charm of our statues, we aggrandize houses, adding a pinch of holy touch to your paradise.


We are committed to safeguarding the interests of our esteemed customers and thus fledge them with certified gemstone statues at reasonable prices. Not only do we create awareness about the various gemstones statues at our disposal but also assist the customers in making their purchase. Our products are such that it will not only touch your heart but your soul with the fine artistry and finishing touches. Our craftsmen excel at carving out pieces that are diverse and rich in terms of patterns, finishes, artistry, and a lot more. With our wide range of gemstone statue collections, you will be simply mesmerized and would not be able to resist the temptation of buying our creations. So what are you waiting for? Drop at our stores and discover why we are the best in the industry who aim at delivering the best quality and choicest selection of gemstone statues at our stores.


Gone are those days when gemstones were only used in concern with stars and planets, these days’ gemstone figurines and showpieces stand out as an exquisite piece to flaunt as a home decor and have also taken up the place of excellent gift item for your loved ones. So whether you are choosing something for yourself or are planning to gift gemstone statues and other products to your special ones, your search ends at Mohnot Gems. Thus our sole mission is to provide statues, figurines, and other products at our stores that are rich in variety and quality so that our customers have endless options to choose from.

The gemstones that are used in manufacturing statues at our store are lab tested, and we aspire to maintain a continuous legacy regarding the same. We have a team of expert gemologists who have a good number of experience years in their kitty dealing with various kinds of gems. We help you purchase the best gemstone statues to make your experience at Mohnot Gems comfortable and worthwhile.

Our values

We are highly passionate about the quality of gems used in our products at our store. Gems are a gift by God for us mankind, and thus we deal with 100% authentic and genuine gemstones. Our gemmologists play a vital role in maintaining our products’ quality as they scrutinize it first after the gems reach our production house to verify authenticity.
With the market flooded with an ample number of dealers and manufacturers, we stand for quality and genuine rates. We directly buy the gems from mines and supply finished gemstone statues to the end-users thus; you can be rest assured of genuine prices as there are no middlemen in between.