Why gemstone statues are a great addition to your home

A home without God figurines is just incomplete, and you can hardly find any residence that doesn’t have a religious idol inside its premises. God statues add that holy touch to the home, and if it is made of gemstones, it brings in that divine touch with style. The beauty of gemstone statues can easily hike up the aesthetics and beauty of a house. So here in this article, we are going to discuss how these gemstones are an excellent inclusion for your home:

They let out bright light

The gemstone statues are such designed that if a ray of light falls on it, the rays get reflected from it spreading out bright like just like the way a kaleidoscope does. Gemstones occur naturally and have their own shine and light, but when they are cut and polished to form a statue, the value of the gemstones get enhanced further, highlighting the looks. Polishing and cutting gemstones require high-end artistry, and with the expertise of professional hands, gemstone statues add that royal touch to your home décor.

Available in colorful variants

While buying a gemstone statue, you get the option of buying it in various color hues. The lustrous red ruby color, the glittery diamonds, can aggrandize the looks of your home and add elegance. Ranging from turquoise to amethyst to opal and other gemstones, you can pick on one that best suits your home as per Vastu.

They can jazz up your home

Every house has God statues, and this is something common for everyone, may it be any religion. But placing a gemstone God statue can spruce up the aesthetics of your home. They explicit a majestic appeal, and the polished gemstone statues make your temple corner have an extra pinch of sparkle and glitter, glorifying your space.

Spreads positive energy and natural healing

You might be highly surprised to know that yesteryear people used gemstone powder for medicinal purposes. Thus it is evident that gemstones not only add that plush to your home but also have natural healing powers. They spread out positivity and have a high hand in maintaining the health of the people residing at home. They are stylish pieces that also helps in the detoxification process.

Available in various designs

The gemstone God figurines are available in various shapes and sizes and also come in a plethora of designs. The beauty of statues is carved in both bold and delicate designs based on the cuts and size of the gemstone statue. So one can pick on a god idol based on their personal preference and choice.


Gemstone statues are a perfect combo of modern and traditional looks and can silently add that pinch of royalty and luxury to your house. Not only does it add splendor to the interiors, but it also keeps you close to the earth. So what are you waiting for? Drop at Mohnot gems and avail your favorite god statues in your favorite gemstone colors and design.