Basics of buying Lord Ganesh Gemstone statue as per Vastu rules

Lord Ganesh is known to bring in prosperity, joy, and happiness, but placing the statue at home is not enough; placing it right is also a vital consideration. Many people tend to bring home God statues but fail to allocate them the right spot as per Vastu Shastra. Here in this article, we are going to tell you a few basics of placing Lord Ganesh gemstone statue to attract wealth, happiness, and prosperity to your home:

The posture of the statue

If you are placing Lord Ganesh statue at home, then consider picking on a figure in a seated position. As per Vastu Shastra, a statue in Lalitasana (seated position) brings in peace and calmness inside the home and triggers a positive environment. Also, if you wish to have luxury, wealth, and comfort at home, consider bringing in a gemstone figurine with a reclining posture.

Trunk Direction

While buying the gemstone statue, always pays attention to the direction of the trunk. Statues with trunks reclined towards the right have the sun’s power and are hard to please, and also one is required to follow some hard and fast rules for worshiping the same. Thus, pick on a statue of Lord Ganesh that has its trunk bent towards the left direction. It signifies success and happiness.

One idol at home

Though buying Ganeshji idols and placing it in different rooms is a personal choice, but still, experts recommend that the Ganesh idol should be restricted to one at their residence. It is said that having two or more than two Ganeshji idols at home disturbs RidhiSidhi and thus results in counteraction of their energies.

Right direction placement

Northeast and North directions are considered to be the best placement area of Ganeshjigemstone statues. It is said that Lord Shiva resides in the North direction; thus, it is a good thing to place the idol facing towards the North direction. Also, consider positioning the statue in such a way that the back of Ganpati faces the exit and entry of your residence.

Modak and Mouse fledged statue

We all know that Lord Ganesh sits on a mouse that symbolizes pervasiveness, so make sure that the figurine you are buying has the mouse with it. Furthermore, fetch for Modak clad gemstone statues as Modaks are the favorite sweets of Lord Ganesh and are also used as an offering by the devotees.

Places to not place Ganeshji statue

There are a few places that do not stand suitable for placing God’s statue. These places include your bedroom, laundry room, bathrooms, garages, and under the staircases. These places are considered as inauspicious and are not favorable for placing the god of happiness.’


So now, since you know all the basics of buying a Lord Ganesh gemstone statue, we hope that you will follow all the rules to invite happiness and success all the way to your home. For the best idols and gemstone figurines of Lord Ganesh, you can consider dropping at to find a multitude of options for gemstone God statue purchase.